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Virtual Medical Administration


Your complete Administration Support Team

Billing Management

Impeccable, personalized service:  you have ONE Account Manager assigned to you.  Quick claims submissions submitted electronically 7 days a week, within 24 hours of getting the claims information from you.

Tireless follow up: we won't stop until you get paid - ON EVERY CLAIM.

Reconciliation Experts

Our experienced professionals create a seamless healthcare billing system tapping into your patient accounting system and handling all steps of billing and collections to optimize your cash flow and create a more satisfied patient experience start to finish.


At VMA we love to  capture and understand your data to help you identify ways to reduce root cause denials through two-way feedback some reports include:

Daily billing status, collection receipts, gross AR on requested date, total value of insurance receipts, and write offs.

Weekly Reports – include a daily and weekly call status, daily and weekly billing status and collection status.  A bi-weekly telephone meeting can be conducted to evaluate progress.

Month End Reports – These allow us to assess the momentum that has been achieved in a month and/or see where there is a pattern of nonpayment. Monthly meetings and on request, video conferencing will be conducted.

Provider Relations

The Medical Billing portion of our company is dedicated to optimizing your reimbursements through a professional, knowledgeable team of experts with many years of combined medical billing and health care industry experience that can relate to your practices needs. 

At VMA we know that as a Provider your time and staff's time is important so VMA will be your personal facilitator between you and your insurance partners. Your staff will receive informative information that will keep you abreast on your day to day activities so that your time is "patient" focused. We are confident that the service we provide will be unmatched by any competitor.

         Your Partner in Making it happen

Patient Management and Health Records Specialist

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