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Q: How Long does it take to get my practice set up?

A:  Normally it takes 1 week for first claim to be submitted, depending on credentialing and other factors.


Q: How do I save money with VMA?

A: VMA relieves the practice of the day to day issues when it comes to billing.  It is very time consuming to do reconciliation and try and maintain a atmosphere of true focus on patient's care.


Q: What will I see as a Benefit financially with using VMA's service?

A: Lower staffing costs and overhead, and increased in revenue.


Q: How will VMA get the claims to process?

A: Either VMA will integrate and use your current or recommend a system that is more compatible and user friendly. VMA will set up and conduct all programming for integrations.


Q: How can you insure fast carrier payout?

A: We submit claims within 24 hours of receiving them. Electronic submission leads to quick payment usually within 10 to 14 days. We submit paper claims within 24 hours and follow up so they are paid quickly.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Depending on what your practice needs we offer various fees but we are very compatible with the market rate. This information will be disclosed as a contract confidentiality requirement so we can keep our rates  competitive.


Q: How many Providers do you service?

A: That is the unique quality about VMA. We give a true one-on-one approach to each provider so we are limited to the number of practices we will take so we can provide excellent service!

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